Meet MAtthew


Matthew Jeffers is the inspirational speaker behind the email that helped inspire the Baltimore Ravens to turnaround their legendary SuperBowl XLVII season. He stands at 4-feet-2 inches, and has endured 20 surgeries. Using his own struggles to put the fear of overcoming obstacles into perspective, Matthew helps audiences see their own potential.

He believes that life is like a play, and while you can’t always choose the actors or plot points in your story, you are very much in control of two things – the theme and your costume. Jeffers’ theme is attitude, and his costume is the impenetrable armor of a positive outlook. Through stories about his life, medical challenges, acting experience, and meetings with the Ravens, he demonstrates that everyone has an incredible story to share, a play that can have whatever meaning its playwright chooses.


  • Using his own story of overcoming adversity, Matthew provides the key actions to empower audiences.

  • Matthew shares how the email he wrote to the Baltimore Ravens proved to be the inspiration the team needed in their journey to win the SuperBowl. He further dives into how this message is relevant beyond the football field.

  • Matthew crafts his keynote presentation to put the audience on track to achieve success and have a winning mindset.