“We encounter right off God, played by Matthew Jeffers: he’s a fine actor -- making expressive use of his face and voice and his whole body like a dancer, helping us see the way he takes things in and how he comes to his decisions.

Beyond that, he represents an original and powerful casting decision since he’s a dwarf -- different from most everybody else but not in the way one expects, and raising interesting questions about the view that humans are made in God’s image. He’s there at the beginning and there at the end -- rarely in between, no surprise there: the play would be less powerful and less coherent without this uniquely envisioned God.” [Yvonne Korshak, Let’s Talk Off-Broadway]

“Among the more striking performances...Matthew Jeffers' God is both imperious and befuddled by his own creation” [David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America]

“For God, Iskandar cast Matthew Jeffers, a recent college graduate who calls himself a small-stature actor – he is 4’2” tall...He makes his first of many appearances in The Mysteries in “The Eighth Day (Creation Hymn)” by Jason Williamson, painfully facing Chaos when the angel Gabriel interrupts.” [Jonathan Mandell, New York Theater]