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Matthew Jeffers is the inspirational speaker behind the email that helped inspire the Baltimore Ravens to turnaround their legendary SuperBowl XLVII season. He stands at 4-feet-2 inches, and has endured 20 surgeries. Using his own struggles to put the fear of overcoming obstacles into perspective, Matthew helps audiences see their own potential.

He believes that life is like a play, and while you can’t always choose the actors or plot points in your story, you are very much in control of two things – the theme and your costume. Jeffers’ theme is attitude, and his costume is the impenetrable armor of a positive outlook. Through stories about his life, medical challenges, acting experience, and meetings with the Ravens, he demonstrates that everyone has an incredible story to share, a play that can have whatever meaning its playwright chooses.


  • Using his own story of overcoming adversity, Matthew provides the key actions to empower audiences.

  • Matthew shares how the email he wrote to the Baltimore Ravens proved to be the inspiration the team needed in their journey to win the SuperBowl. He further dives into how this message is relevant beyond the football field.

  • Matthew crafts his keynote presentation to put the audience on track to achieve success and have a winning mindset.

A Reason To Win



From January 24 - February 2 2013, Matthew's segment, "A Reason to Win" aired on ESPN and was viewed by millions of people. The following day, on February 3 2013, the Baltimore Ravens fulfilled Matthew's vision and won Super Bowl XLVII. 

Matthew delivers the keynote at the Port Discovery Children's Museum honoring Under Armour CEOs Kevin and Scott Plank.

Matthew receives a standing ovation at the Anytime Fitness national meetings!




Watch part of Matthew's keynote where he discusses his personal motivator!

Matthew has presented for a number of respected companies, schools, and organizations. Whether it's an intimate class setting of 20 teachers, or a grandiose ballroom of 1,300 business owners and managers, Matthew has received positive feedback!  



Chuck Runyon - Anytime Fitness

"Every attendee will feel enriched and empowered after Matthew Jeffers' talk. Matthew pulls you in with a deeply personal and perspective altering message combined with an unforgettable stage presence.
Your audience will thank you afterwards!"


John DiJulius III, The DiJulius Group

"Matthew Jeffers was one of the highest rated speakers we have ever had present at the Secret Service Summit. And that is saying something. We have had numerous hall of fame speakers present. His inspiring story moved everyone. He is a fabulous story-teller and his genuineness shines through."


Miriam Gerstenblith - The Odyssey School

"I had the great honor of inviting Matthew Jeffers to speak to students and faculty at The Odyssey School in Baltimore, a school for dyslexic students in kindergarten through eighth grade. He spoke articulately, without one note in front of him, and captivated the audience with his charisma and message of perseverance. Matthew is not only inspirational, but also highly motivational and memorable. Months after his speech, the students were still talking about his message. Matthew has a unique ability to relate to both children and adults, and speaks directly from his heart. I highly recommend Matthew to all who seek inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to use a positive attitude in tackling life's challenges."


Mark De Lima Jr - TravelCenters of America

"Matthew spoke at one of our team meetings, and his message of perseverance
resonated with the whole group.  A few of our folks even came up to me
after the event and told me Matthew’s speech put things into perspective in
terms of what was going on their own lives. Reactions to his message were
very positive and thought provoking."


David Greenberg - The League For People With Disabilities

"Back in 2013, I invited Matthew out to The League for People with Disabilities to speak to our participants. I asked him to come after being very impressed by his focus on attitude, NOT disability in an ESPN piece done for hyping the Baltimore Ravens run to the Superbowl. So Matthew came out, toured the League, met with a lot of fellow Ravens fans and then spoke eloquently about him life, passion and career plans. He also took a variety of questions from the audience. Matthew is a well grounded young man. It is no surprise to me how well he is doing with his speaking and acting career. He is just beginning to be recognized and I anticipate will be one of the great actors of his generation. Who’s going to stop him? I am proud to know him and call him a friend!"


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Travels from: Brooklyn, NY


In the early morning of December 20, 2012, Matthew wrote an impromptu email to the Baltimore Ravens who were mired in a 3 game slump. He wrote about his life, his appreciation for the team's effort, and his belief that above all else, attitude was the most important key to achieving their ultimate goal. Little did he know the impact the succinct email would have on the team, the city, and eventually, people across the globe.

THe email



December 20th, 2012 

“To Whom It May Concern, My name is Matthew Jeffers. I am a senior at Towson University majoring in acting, and I have been a die hard Ravens fan since Baltimore welcomed you with open arms in 1996. As you, the Ravens, continue to battle through tough losses and heated criticism, allow me to share some thoughts with you.

You are in uncharted territory. You (and us) have had the gift and pleasure of consistently winning for years, and frankly, you have spoiled us. You have maintained a level of professionalism and inspiring play for so long that we have lost touch with what it feels like to have our feet in the mud. And I'm sure it is an even worse feeling for you, the ones on the field, than it is for the ones in the stands.

And let me let you in on a little secret. Life doesn't care about streaks. It does not care about 3 game losing streaks, or 4 game win streaks. It does not care if you WANT to win, if you NEED to win. At the end of the day, life is simply unfair.

I am short statured. I am 21 years old, but stand only at 4'2. Over my lifetime I have endured 20 surgeries, some small, others life-threatening. I have had a tracheotomy, I have had blood transfusions, I have spent summers in a hip spica cast, and I've had to learn how to walk again.

My last surgery was in 2003, and I acquired the naive mindset that I was free from the bondage of heartache. I had the mindset that I had "done my time". And then, in February of 2011, my mother was diagnosed with a stage IV brain tumor. As I write this, the doctors at JHU are determining whether or not the next step should be Hospice care.

So you tell me, is life fair? When you give every ounce you have, and all you have to show for it is a loss in overtime, is that fair? When families in Newtown CT go into their child's room, but have no child to kiss goodnight, is that fair?

We live in a painful world, no doubt about it. But let me tell you this: The ONLY disability in life is a bad attitude. The ONLY disability in a bad attitude. A positive attitude is the most powerful combatant to life's misfortune. The will to fight, to survive, to win. It is the secret weapon I use, and I think I'm turning out ok.

When you play on Sunday, let it not be to win a division, or to silence the critics, or prove somebody wrong, or end a losing skid. Let it be a dedication to that simple yet powerful notion that life can be conquered with the right outlook. And I promise you, I promise you that everything else will take care of itself. Go get 'em on Sunday. I wish you all the best on your journey to The Lombardi.” ---Matthew--- 

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